Why Unlimited DMCA takedowns service is so popular?

Our most popular services started many years ago as regular DMCA takedown. Back in a days, we were offering to takedown a website that infringes your copyright for a small fee under thirty dollars. Over time we have developed our services to something that fits the DMCA protection market much better. All our ideas, implementation and final results came from the demand of our clients to be protected by DMCA and based on the way how pirated websites are operating nowadays. 

Unlimited DMCA takedowns service is all those great things that you want from the DMCA protection. 

First of all, it is actually unlimited. This means that you can report as many websites to takedown as you want. We did not want to limit the number of links, because we know how pirated content is being shared over the Internet. It is very likely, that once it gets online it will be copied on multiple websites. So that is why we do not limit our clients by the number of DMCA takedowns. You want to take down one website? Fine. You have ten websites? Fine as well. We will draft DMCA takedown notices, find their true ISP and send a DMCA complaint to infringing websites. 

With our subscription each time you get 30 days of services and any given moment of time you can report more links. This idea comes from the way how DMCA takedowns and pirated websites are operating. On average, DMCA takedown takes 3-5 business days. This means that by the time DMCA takedown is done, there is a chance that search engines will index some other pages of certain websites, that were not visible previously and you will be able to remove them because you can report as many links as you want. In general, 30 days of Unlimited DMCA takedown services allows you to remove 3-4 waves of pirated content, which in many cases if more then enough for individuals, small and medium businesses. 

Another important feature of our services is that it is convenient. You can report copyright infringement in any comfortable way: in your account, by email or messenger. You can simply forward the email alert on new content and our managers will manually check it and takedown infringing websites. Previously we’ve been writing on how to protect your content online and monitor search engines for any copyright infringements. 

You do not need any special knowledge. We know ho to takedown a website. We know how to report copyright infringement. We know how to investigate online piracy cases. We know how to find website’s trues internet service provider (ISP) information and how to delivery DMCA complain to them. DMCA takedowns is what we are doing for leaving. We are here to make sure that you can focus on more important things, while we use our knowledge and experience you protect your content. 

Together with the service, we offer free DMCA badges and DMCA certificate. Those can be installed on your website to let everyone know that your content is being monitored and you are protected by DMCA, any attempt to copy your content will be purest and we will remove that content from infringing websites. For online pirates it usually means, that it does not worth it, they know that once they copy the content someone will come to take it down, so they just pass on it and look for an easier option. 

So what does it mean to be our customer and take advantage of DMCA protection? This means that your digital assets will be protected, your time that you spend to create your content, your photos, videos, texts, apps, everything that matters. Protected by DMCA means that you will be assured that your content is only published where you want it to be and it will benefit you every day.