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Enterprise Solutions

Dedicated anti-piracy teams for most demanding clients.

Seven Years Of Experience

Best in class solution and most experienced staff.

Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

Simple on-demand service. We know that our clients want to remove illegal copies of their content from the Internet quickly and privately, without sharing their personal information online. Our team is focused on the result and commitment to deliver best in class service. Simplified.

Step 1. You send links to the content that you want to remove via email.

Step 2. Our anti-piracy team send DMCA takedown notice signed by Guardlex.

Step 3. We inform you when the content is removed.

Don't waste time, take control over your digital property.

Our Clients and Partners


Recently I received an email from my client that three websites were selling my videos without my permission. After quick search online I found Guardlex. Their team were very responsive and effective. It took only half a day before those websites removed my videos!

Robert P. Photographer.

My Ex published our photos as revenge on a few websites. I can't express how frustrated I was and didn't know what to do! Guys from Guardlex did their best and showed their loyalty and professionalism. My photos were removed quickly and my name does not appear in Google search anymore!

Angela D. Model.

We needed professional and reliable partner to outsource our anti-piracy activities. Due to our business nature it was important to us that all information will be treated as highly confidential. I must admit it was a right choice to start working with Guardlex, they fully fulfilled their obligations and allowed us to focus on more important things!

Johnathan K. Online entrepreneur.