How to search for illegal copies of your photos and videos online

Clients are often asking us how to search for illegal copies of their photos and videos online or did they do it well and how to look for other copies that they have missed. For this reason, we decided to put together a list of tips to help those who are concerned that their personal images may be used online without their permission. Those tips are really simple and will require less than 20 minutes of your time to be done. You can repeat the process weekly or monthly to make sure nothing slips from your eye. 

1. Search for your name on Google.

Use Google and just type in your name or stage name. Don’t be lazy and look through results all the way to the page 3 or even 5. Is there is anything suspicious or anything you do not like? Copy the links that you don’t like to the separate list, so you can deal with them later on. 

2. Check the Images tab.

Google has a feature to look through different images and photos online. Click on the Images tab and see if there is anything that may catch your attention. 

3. Use different keyword combinations.

Try to add keywords “download”, “watch”, “online” to your name and check results as well. Don’t forget to copy all links that you’d like to remove to the separate list.

4. Setup Google Alerts.

There is no need to search for those keywords manually, instead, you can set up Google Alerts. Visit to start. The service will send you an email each time any new link appears in Google for a specific keyword. 

We really hope that this information gives you some ideas on how to keep an eye on your content online and helps you tools and techniques to manage your virtual presence. In the next article, we will tell you how to remove unwantd links on your own. Keep your content safe!