Webcam Models Privacy and DMCA Protection

According to recent study more than half of all webcam models involved in the business are not aware that their shows could be recorded and posted online without their permission. As the number of illegal recording goes higher it compromises model's privacy and also results in lower incomes, since videos are widely available online and easy to find.
Guardlex have been working in this business since 2009 and helped thousands of cam models. We been partnering with major webcam website to offer DMCA services on regular basis to their models, so our experts know the industry really well. One of our commitments is to protect privacy of our clients. We will not ever share any private information online so don't hesitate and reach us to get professional DMCA assistance.

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Why Use DMCA Protection?

  • Protect your privacy

  • Keep your income level

  • Control your content online

What We Offer

A complete set of services designed for webcam models to help them protect their personal data, photo and video materials.

Name Monitoring

We automatically scan the Internet for any new mentions of your name to be the first one who finds any unwanted links.

Content detection

Our search & detect system has hundreds of sources, tube websites, search engines, and closed communities that we scan on every day to ensure maximum coverage.

Content removals

Our team will perform DMCA takedowns to remove any unwanted photos & videos from third-party websites and links to those website in search engine results.

DMCA Notices

The most sensitive part of every takedown process is a DMCA takedown notice. We write and check each notice manually before it is being sent.


We will keep you informed. You will receive weekly or monthly reports that cover all our activities and progress.


You can choose what communication method works more comfortable for you. We will be there for your any time.

How Does DMCA Protection Work?



You send to us links that you want to remove in a convenient way.



We prepare and send DMCA takedown notices to search engines and infringing website.*



In 3-5 business days we send you a report when links are removed. 

*Privacy statement: Your privacy is one of the higher priorities for us. We will NOT include your contact information in any emails or correspondence, and will never share it with any third-party companies.

Pro-Active Protection

Maximize your protection. For extra $50 we will search for illegal content for you. Our automated crawler will go though search engines and most popular tube websites once a week. We will conduct additional manual searches and review all results before sending DMCA notices. This will allow us to remove illegal content faster from the Internet and prevent it spreading over the other websites. 


Call our toll-free number +1 (866) 605-70-87 and get professional DMCA assistance now!

  • What is DMCA takedown?

    DMCA takedown is a process when a content is being removed from third-party website on behalf of copyright holder.

  • What happens when you sent a DMCA takedown notice?

    The owner of the website where your content is hosted receive a notice that requests him or her to remove your content within short period of time. If this content will be available after then hosting company may suspend an account of the website.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge $100 for one month of UNLIMITED DMCA takedowns. This means that you can request as many takedowns as you wish for 30 days. There are not hidden fees or recurrent payments. Simple as that. 

  • What information should I provide to start a DMCA takedown?

    You should provide a link, where your content was originally located. It may be your website, social network profile or any other source. You should also provide all links that you'd like to remove in a separate list. In case we would need any additional information our staff will reach you.

  • Do you include my personal information to takedown requests?

    No. All DMCA takedown notices are signed by Guardlex. Your personal information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared online.