Webcam models and online performers DMCA protection - how does it work?

The work of online performers, in most cases, is comfortable and pleasant, the ability to build your own schedule, control the level of income, as well as mountains of fans. Despite this, many webcam models have a moment when they find their videos in the public domain. Many models do not even know that their videos can be recorded and published after broadcast without their consent. Our task is to provide protection and take a set of countermeasures to detect and remove such unwanted videos from the Internet in time.

Let's start from the beginning and see if your videos are online. To do this, write in Google the name under which you perform and add one of the following words to it: videos, recordings, photos, or the name of the site where you stream. Look through the first three pages of search results, and don't forget to check the "image search" tab. If you find unwanted results on at least one of the pages, then you definitely need DMCA protection. And the sooner, the better, since unwanted content spreads quickly on the Internet.

What set of measures do we offer to track and protect your content?

First of all, we run a search on search engines, social networks, and thematic communities using a list of keywords will be compiled based on the available (open) information on your public profile. The search will be automatic, and our employees will review all results to ensure that we have selected all unwanted results.

Next, as part of webcam protection service, we will send a DMCA takedown notices to all sites with illegal copies of your photo or video recordings. This will quickly reduce the number of videos available in the public domain. DMCA protection is a powerful tool to protect your virtual assets. 

Furthermore, we will send DMCA takedown notices to search engines to ensure links to websites with inappropriate content are not displayed in search results and image searches. Search engine removal is an important aspect of DMCA protection. When choosing a webcam model protection service, make sure they offer this kind of service.

This search and remove circle will be repeated many times until we remove all unwanted content. In addition, to protect your personal information, we will never use it in communications with sites that infringe your copyright.

Our main task is to protect online models from the undesirable consequences of their work. We have been doing an excellent job with this task for many years.