360° Webcam Models Protection Service

Professional privacy, DMCA, content protection. 360° Webcam Models Protection Service is something we were developing for years now. It all started as standard anti-piracy services to protect multimillion enterprise clients, but then we realized is that individuals are those who need our protection the most. We designed this services particularly to protect cam models. Offering them an easy way to detect unauthorized copies of the photos and videos, identify them and remove. Basically, we are doing everything for you and sending you a report once a week!

How Does It Work

1. Search & Detect

Our system scans multiple sources for any illegal copies of your content. Including search engines, file-sharing website, tube website, web archives.

2. Takedown process

Our staff carefully write a DMCA takedown notice and send it to all infringing websites. 

3. Reporting

t the end of each week or month (up to you) we send you a full report which covers all our activities, detected and removed links, future plans, current piracy level. 

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What We Offer?

A complete set of services designed for webcam models to help them protect their personal data, photo and video materials.


Name Monitoring

We automatically scan the Internet for any new mentions of your name to be the first one who finds any unwanted links. 

Big Date Scanning

Our search & detect database has hundreds of sources, tube websites, search engines, and closed communities that we scan on every day to ensure maximum coverage. 

DMCA Notices

The most sensitive part of every takedown process is a DMCA takedown notice. We write and check each notice manually before it is being sent. 

Intelligent Techniques

Over the years we have developed the best techniques that effectively work to protect webcam models. 

Professional Support

You can choose what communication method works more comfortable for you. We will be there for your any time. 


We will keep you informed. You will receive weekly or monthly reports that cover all our activities and progress.  

Privacy Protected

Privacy protection guaranteed. We guarantee that we will not use, share or mention your private information (name, contact information, etc.) in any correspondence, communications, email or phone calls. We understand that privacy is very important and will do whatever it takes to keep you information safe! That is our commitment to you!

What is Actually Included?

  • Gather complete profile information

    First things first. We collect information about your official pages and also about your partners or friendly website. Those links will be whitelisted. We do not to harm good websites.   

  • Search the Internet

    Once we know what websites are good we start to look over the Web for any unwanted content. We search through different sources of information, including search engines, popular tube websites, forums and other related web resources.

    Search Engines
    We search popular search engines for any unwanted copies of your content that are easy to find.
    This covers Google, Bing, Yahoo.

    There are number of underground communities where people exchange unauthorised photos and videos, that were illegally recoded during the streams.

    Tube Websites
    Website where recorded videos are being streamed online. We search for any illegal copies of your content.

    Webcam Archives
    Websites that specialise in publishing illegally recorded videos from popular cam websites.

    File Sharing Websites
    Website where people actually host archives with videos and photos. 

  • Automatic takedowns

    Once we detect illegal content we record the link. At the end of the day we write and send DMCA takedown notices to the search engines. This is important, so it is much harder to find your content and so less people will see it. Right after that we send DMCA takedown notices to the hosting companies to remove the actual files.  

  • On-demand takedowns

    If someone informed you about the videos or photos that you'd like to remove just forward them to us. Unlimited on-demand takedows are also included into the package. This means that you can send us as many links as you want. We will remove all of them.

  • Reports & Status updates

    By the end of each month or week we will send you a comprehensive report. This document will include the number of links we have detected, number of takedown in progress, number of links removed, list of those links and overall piracy level. This report will allows to keep hand on the pulse. 

Want to know how to keep your photos and videos safe?

We have a set of free tips and techniques that you can follow to keep your content safe. Those are really simple things you can do once a week and spend no more than 15 minutes. And it is completely free! Those tips will allow you to set up automatic monitoring of your name and content, teach you how to search the web for illegal copies and even how to write a takedown notice on your own! 

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  • 100% Authentic

    All services are 100% tailored to protect web cam

  • Money Back Guarantee

    You can always have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.