Unlimited DMCA Takedowns

We know how frustration it could be to find your content on other websites that use it without your permission. Guardlex offers professional DMCA services to ensure that your content is unique and secure. Unlimited DMCA takedowns works as simple on-demand service. You send all links that you'd like to remove via website, chat or email and our experienced staff will do DMCA takedown for you. With Unlimited DMCA takedowns you pay flat fee of $100 USD and get 30 days of service, during this period you have unlimited DMCA takedowns, personal assistant and fully covered by our service. No recurrent billing or hidden fees! You can request to remove any kind of content that you want: games, apps, photos, videos, private media files, texts and much more. Your manager will consult you before you proceed, so you'll get all your questions answered. Fill the form below to get in touch with us.

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Main features

 Send unlimited DMCA takedown notice for you. We do everything for you, just send us the list of links. Batch removals. Account manager.

What we remove

 Search engine results removals. Tube site removals. File sharing websites. Forums removals.  Underground communities removals. 

What we guarantee

 100% confidential (no personal information shared with DMCA notice)  100% money back guarantee.  Professional services.  98% success rate. 

How Does it Work?



You send to us links that you want to remove.



We prepare DMCA takedown notices. 



We send DMCA takedown notice to search engines, hosting companies and other related organizations.



We send you a report when everything is done. 

Privacy statement: Your privacy is one of the higher priorities for us. We will NOT include your contact information in any emails or correspondence, and will never share it with any third-party companies.

Get a Free Anti-piracy Scan Now!

Use a contact form below to ask for your free anti-piracy scan. Our team will use all available tools to search the Internet for any illegal copies of your digital materials. The technology that we will be using is the same that is being used for our enterprise clients, which guarantees in-depth search of millions of websites. We will generate and send you a report file, based on our search results. This helps you to understand how many links you will need to remove. Don't waste your time, ask for our professional anti-piracy scan right now.


Call our toll-free number +1(866) 605-70-87 and get professional DMCA assistance now!

  • What is DMCA takedown?

    DMCA takedown is a process when a content is being removed from third-party website on behalf of copyright holder.

  • What happens when you sent a DMCA takedown notice?

    The owner of the website where your content is hosted receive a notice that requests him or her to remove your content within short period of time. If this content will be available after then hosting company may suspend an account of the website.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge $100 for one month of UNLIMITED DMCA takedowns. This means that you can request as many takedowns as you wish for 30 days. There are not hidden fees or recurrent payments. Simple as that. 

  • What information should I provide to start a DMCA takedown?

    You should provide a link, where your content was originally located. It may be your website, social network profile or any other source. You should also provide all links that you'd like to remove in a separate list. In case we would need any additional information our staff will reach you.

  • Do you include my personal information to takedown requests?

    No. All DMCA takedown notices are signed by Guardlex. Your personal information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared online.